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best office telephone systems

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- Call recording (FSA)
- Voicemail and much more ...

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About Us

BusinessPhonesystems is a creation of VOIspeed Ltd.If you are looking for a telephone system for your business you have come to the right place. Since 2006 we have been helping companies like you to make the most of today’s technology for the benefit of your business.

BusinessPhoneSystems is a creation of VOIspeed Limited that is part of TeamSystem, a European group with over 82,000 business customers and 1,000 employees.

Our mission is to enable our customers to increase their business performance through flexible and highly reliable technology. Our core activities focus on the development, manufacturing and distribution of state of the art phone systems for businesses based on VOIspeed technology. There are no middle men and you will be dealing directly with the technology developer or our partners, ensuring a much faster response time.

VOIspeed PBX technology is an advanced telephony platform that can work with both traditional ISDN or analogue lines as well as VoIP lines. VOIspeed is being used by over 6,000 businesses and our customers range from small businesses with 5 users to larger organisations with up to 350 users. Regardless of size, the level of service given to our customers is of the highest standard and professionalism.

Our business proposition is simple, our prices are extremely competitive and our phone systems are easy to maintain. If you contact us today we trust we will find the best telephone solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Promoting Green Technology

VOIspeed helps companies cut their carbon foot print by providing technology which increases their online communication capacity.

VOIspeed telephone technology was launched in 2003 and enabled conference calling as an integral part of the software.  In early 2009, our software was updated to provide a ‘conference bridge’ also known as virtual meeting room, which makes this process even easier, with each of the attendees dialling into a conference.  This service comes with the software at no additional charge and so encourages people to use conference calling rather than setting up face-to-face meetings which might involve travel. 
VOIspeed also promotes remote working, as the software can sit on your laptop and enable you to bring your office with you wherever you are.   Calls and messaging are free between remote users and your office, even if you are based in different countries.  This means less time in the car, train or plane, reducing travel time and CO2 emissions.
New features developed with our system are software-based, so unlike hardware-based systems there is no need to install a traditional phone system and utilise features such as automatic Call Recording or Call Intrusion.  Similarly, if you move office, you can take your phone system with you! This means that there is limited potential for wastage of raw materials.
VOIspeed is investing in research and development to enable our VOIspeed servers/ software in “the Cloud”, a data centre.  Emissions associated with the use of data centres will be more than offset by the reduced emissions from computer hardware manufacture and installation and transport costs.

London phone systems

phone systems londonBusinessPhoneSystems can deploy and maintain your telephone systems directly from our north London office.

Nationwide resellers

phone systems nationwide resellersThanks to our UK nationwide network of resellers we can install office phone systems across the whole Country.

UK based office

phone systems ukLocated in St. Albans (Hertfordshire) our business has access to North and South of England and we can quickly send engineers to your office.

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